A Message from Dr. Charles W. Laird
Chief Executive Officer,
Wedding Ministers, Inc.

We believe in you. We believe many people have long wanted – even hungered for -- the opportunity to provide meaningful, personal ministry/service to others as an expression of their faith or philosophy of life. You have gifts, the sense of calling, and the desire to make a difference but perhaps lack the credentialed training and/or experience.

It is our desire and determination to empower you to make a positive, lasting impact in the world through your wedding ministry while increasing your income.

Ultimately the free market – not gatekeepers -- will measure your effectiveness in ministry.

Our goal is to help you succeed in that market through a combination of wedding ministry skills development and highly effective internet marketing and promotional services.

The WM Certification Program is designed with this goal in mind. The four core training courses enhance your value and performance as a wedding minister.

  What is WM Certification?

WM Certification provides ordained wedding ministers official credentials certifying the holder has fulfilled the requirements for WM Certification, has completed the WM Professional Wedding Ministry Certification and Training Program (or equivalent) and has “demonstrated competence in all basic understandings and skills of the wedding ministry profession.”

This includes familiarity with a wide variety of wedding ceremonies and rituals, ceremony structure and design, officiating, basic pastoral/personal ministry skills, legal responsibilities and more.

The Wedding Ministry Certification and Training Program is the only national, professional credentialing program exclusively for wedding ministers offering regional seminars in 22 cities throughout the USA and Canada. To learn more about this program, CLICK HERE.

Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a WM Certificate with the WM Seal of Trust (suitable for framing), conferring exclusive rights and privileges pertaining to WM Certified Officiants including:
• Wedding ministry credentials as a fully trained and WM Certified Officiant
• Free listing in the exclusive WM Certified officiants directory listing on the state/region page of your choice
• Authorization to display WM Certification Seal of Trust on their websites, in printed promotional materials and in accompanying advertising.

BENEFITS of WM Certification

Increased Income Potential
Those with better credentials and abilities tend to command higher rates than their peers. This is true of any profession. Brides will pay more for the assurance of knowing you are not only a wonderful person but a trained professional.

Powerful Competitive Edge
Weddings have become big business. The number of new officiants becoming ordained and competing with you for bookings is growing by the day. At some point the market will be flooded. As this happens, WM Certification gives you a powerful competitive edge in the eyes of discerning brides since WM Certification is based on performance, not promises.

TOP Visibility
WM Certified Officiants receive special, priority placement in our exclusive WM Certified Officiants Directory. This distinctive listing set in high contrast colors adorns the right color panel on every state or metro area page. It is reserved for WM Certified Officiants only. In addition we aggressively promote WM Certified Officiants to brides on the new Officiant Shopper.

Professional Development
The wisest business investment you can make is professional development. Ministry is fun, exciting, and rewarding when you feel confident in your abilities. Brides, grooms, and families find reassurance in your professionalism. They notice. You are able to more powerfully impact lives when you really know what you are doing.

The WM Professional Wedding Ministry Certification and Training Program positions you to make money. But more importantly, it prepares you to make a difference.

How Do I Become WM Certified?


Step One: Complete the Program. New ministers and/or those whose ordinations did not require prior training and meeting minimum performance standards must complete the WM Certification Program and pay all tuition fees to be eligible for WM Certification.

NOTE: If you are already an experienced wedding minister (minimum 100 weddings) with competency-based credentials from accredited ministry training institutions and/or have over three years experience in a full-time, paid, professional ministry position, you may petition to waive the training program requirement for WM Certification. Each case is reviewed independently and objectively based on equivalent standards and competency. Successful petitioners may then apply for WM Certification with no additional requirements.

Our desire is to increase and more aggressively promote the number of true professionals in our field for couples seeking to get married, not simply to enroll people in our program.


Step Two: Apply for WM Certification.

How Much Does WM Certification Cost?

WM Certification itself (not the Training Program) is free for those who qualify. The WM Certification and Training Program is separate. To learn more about the WM Professional Wedding Minister Certification and Training Program, including course descriptions and tuition, CLICK HERE.