If there is any such thing as a "dream" job, it is wedding ministry. It really is the happiest work you will ever do!

You get showered with deeply-felt appreciation from wedding couples and their families. You experience the happiness, joy, and oneness of heart among families and friends celebrating the marriage of their loved ones. You bring tears of joy to people. You get to witness two people sharing the most sacred and beautiful moments of intimacy and commitment, moments that touch hearts and stir souls. You even enjoy fabulous cuisine from the finest restaurants, hotels, and resorts in your area. And you get paid for it!

The best part of all is... you can do this!

You Can Be Legally Ordained. Virtually anybody can be legally ordained as a wedding officiant. So there is no easier job to qualify for. You no longer have to have go to seminary for three years (which requires an undergraduate degree just to qualify) and pass all kinds of academic courses and exams to be ordained for ministry. Anybody can be ordained online in minutes and legally qualified to officiate weddings. This might be perfect for you. You can do this.

Demand is Growing. Second, demand is growing for independent, non-denominational wedding ministers as more couples get married in non-traditional settings – resorts, hotels, outdoors, backyards – and want personalized ceremonies that reflect their relationship, shared values and beliefs. North America is more multicultural and diverse than ever. The demand is growing for wedding ministers who will marry people of different religious backgrounds but common spirituality, for second marriages, weddings involving blended families.

Two newer areas of increasing demand are private destination weddings and couples wanting to renew their vows. There is a growing need for independent professional wedding ministers who truly care about people and want to serve. This might be perfect for you. You can do this.

Earn up to $500 a Wedding (or more). Actually I charge $547 plus mileage and I am turning down seven weddings for every one I take. Most wedding ministers charge less, some charge more. Even new ministers who have completed the WM Certification Training and Certification Program and become WM Certified make above the industry average. Oh yes -- training/education is a deductible business expense!

The point is you can be making over $2,000 a month working only a few hours a week. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Does this sound interesting? Keep reading -- it gets even better!

A Limited Window of Opportunity. Competition is increasing as more people discover the ease of online ordination and the opportunities in wedding ministry. You need three things to differentiate yourself from the crowd -- superior skills and service, superior credentials for credibility, and effective marketing. WM Certification gives you the first two and our other services build off that to help you with the marketing.

You will recover your investment in the program in a matter of months, if not weeks and then you are permanently established with a huge market advantage (since most ministers are not particularly market savvy). Again, the key is to get there first and get a jump on the competition.

Skeptical? I understand. If you are anything like me, I am cautious by nature. I do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. And I do believe that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I have been burned by people I had every reason to believe were honest people of integrity. Life has taught me that nothing good comes easy. So how to some people who do not work ridiculous hours still manage to make great money yet live healthy, balanced lives?

I have discovered successful people possess three personal strengths: wisdom, discernment, and courage. They have the wisdom to recognize life=growth=change and to embrace life rather than run from it. They have good sense. As a result, opportunity seems to find them. They also have the gift to discern windows of true, solid opportunity from the masses of inflated promises of instant gratification and easy money. Finally -- and perhaps most decisively -- they have the courage to act, knowing that in life timing is everything.

Do Your Homework. Here is how you can discern for yourself exactly what I am sharing. Get out a map and draw a circle that encompasses a one hour radius drive time from your location. That is your minimum market region.

Now start adding up the number of hotels and resorts within that circle. Next, pick up the phone and call a few of the biggest ones (keep in mind many restaurants also host weddings, not to mention back yards and other outdoor locations). Ask for the catering director. Then ask them how many weddings they host a year.

Next, check our directory -- WeddingMinisters.com -- for your state or region and see how few wedding ministers there are comparable to hotels and resorts that host weddings. You might also go to Google and type in "(your state/region) wedding ministers". Check the Yellow Pages as well.

Now do the math.

Ok. Here is where wisdom, discernment, and courage come in. The window of opportunity is open right now -- for you and for others who also just did the math and now discern the same window of opportunity. So it comes down to wisdom and courage.

I want to encourage you to act now. Get there first. Do something wonderfully fun, richly rewarding, and make money at the same time! Because this really is the happiest work you will ever do.

Call toll free (877) WM-CERTIFIED (962-3784) to learn more.


Early Registration Benefit

Register by March 31 and you will receive our New Officiant Business Start-up Package FREE. This includes:

  • Professional WM Business Website (sample)
  • Featured Listing on WeddingMinisters.com (sample)

    We offer monthly payment plans. Call us toll free (877) WM-CERTIFIED (962-3784) to learn more.


    The WM Certification and Training Program is a home-based, online series of four courses. You do not have to uproot yourself and/or family to take ministry courses. You may complete all four courses from your own home as long as you have an internet connection.

    FIRST STEP. Your first step in the process is to complete an application (CLICK HERE). Once approved, you are then cleared to register for courses online and pay tuition. Once registered, we send your course textbooks.

    COURSEWORK. For each course, when you finish a book we send you a series of practical, ministry-related questions/assignments for integrating course information into the real practice of wedding ministry. You complete the assignments and e-mail them back for assessment, feedback and provisional WM Certification eligibility.

    At some point you attend either a one-day local/regional or the national Certification Seminar and conduct a mock wedding. After 25 weddings and response forms, you qualify for WM Certification.

    TUITION. Tuition and materials for each course is $550. This includes textbooks and shipping. If you enroll for all four courses at once the package price is reduced to $1950. Wedding Ministers accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as personal checks.

    PAYMENT PLANS. Payment plans are available that allow you to enroll for as little as $500 down and monthly payments of $150. Other flexible plans are also available. For more information call the Program Director at (877) WM-CERTIFIED (962-3784).

    Financial Aid. The Wedding Ministers Work/Study Program (CLICK HERE for terms)allows qualifying applicants to pay for the program from new wedding revenues we help you generate with a website and advertising on WeddingMinisters.com. Call for details.


    Rev. Midge James,

    Los Angeles, CA

    "I just have to tell you how impressed I am with the Wedding Minister Certification Program, particularly the books and the questions.

    "Here I thought I was going to breeze through this course and get my little certificate.  I read some of the questions to my husband last night and he was also suitably impressed.  We had a lively dialogue about some of them. 

    "I can already feel the level of my work increasing through doing this work, and I'm so grateful to you for taking the time and caring the way you do. 

    "There is so much these days in the way of "advanced study" that is a joke, it's so easy.  Thank you for elevating this course to such a high level, and for asking so much of us

    "I don't usually have to stretch this much, and I am simultaneously challenged, in awe, nervous, and (mostly) thrilled to have to work for this. 


    Here is an overview of the required courses for WM Certification:

    COURSE ONE: WM 101 Introduction to Wedding Ministry.

  • The New World of Wedding Ministry
  • Wedding Minister Administration
  • The Wedding Minister
  • The Work of Wedding Ministry

    COURSE TWO: WM 201 Wedding Traditions, Rituals and Ceremonies.

  • 64 Wedding Types
  • Religious and Secular Ceremonies
  • Common Rituals / Ceremonies
  • Non-Denominational Ceremony Design

    COURSE THREE: WM 202 Working with Couples.

  • Attracting and Booking Weddings
  • Creating a Personalized Ceremony
  • The Wedding Rehearsal

    COURSE FOUR: WM 203 Wedding Day and Officiating.

  • The Wedding Day Cast
  • Before the Ceremony
  • Officiating the Ceremony
  • Public Speaking for Wedding Ministers

    To learn more, CLICK HERE.

  • Dr. Charles W. Laird is the national program director of the Wedding Minister Certification and Training Program, training newly ordained ministers and retooling church pastors for professional, non-denominational wedding ministry.

    He is author of the Wedding Minister Certification Series books including Introduction to Wedding Ministry; Wedding Traditions, Rituals, and Ceremonies; Working with Couples; and Wedding Day and Officiating.

    Dr. Laird has been performing weddings and training men and women for ministry since for almost 20 years. He was ordained by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 1989 and pastored churches in Iowa, Oregon, Minnesota, and southern California, earning awards, national recognition and acknowledgement from world-renowned ministry consultants such as Dr. Charles Arn and George Barna.

    In 2001 he founded Wedding Ministers, Inc., a ministry-based marketing and business development firm headquartered in Santa Paula, California and leading provider of wedding officiant internet advertising and services in the United States and Canada.

    He also co-founded Sanctuary Christian Ministries, a religious non-profit organization providing safe, sensitive, non-judgmental ministry to persons formerly churched wounded, alienated, and disillusioned. Sanctuary continues to provide specialized relational ministry training to children, middle schoolers and high school age youth as well as adults in home church and traditional church settings.

    Dr. Laird and his wife Jeanette have created several successful marriage tools for newlyweds, including the Love Toolbox pre-marriage diagnostic and the Marriage Architect, a web-based program for developing healthy relational development patterns. They are currently developing a series of marriage seminars for the Marriage Cruise and the Built To Last Marriage program.

    Dr. Laird received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He also holds a Master of Divinity from University of Dubuque Theological Seminary after earning his undergraduate degree from Portland State University. He and Jeanette have been married for 27 years. They have four children.

    Yes, WM Certification makes good business sense. If you go through the Wedding Minister Certification and Training Program and get WM Certified, you can bring in a nice extra income and enjoy the positive fringe benefits officiating weddings.

    Now I want to level with you: Making money is not the best part of this job. It is a necessity of life and that is reality. But the best part of becoming a WM Certified officiant is not the income. And that is what I want to talk with you about.

    I am looking for people who want to make a real difference in this life. I am looking to invest myself – my time, experience, gifts, my energy and passion – in people who want to really, truly make a real difference.

    We have one life to live, one chance to positively impact the world. Life is short and I want to be a part of making life better for others.

    I went into the ministry as a church pastor with this vision in mind. However, after 15 years pastoring I discovered a great disconnect between church culture and the normal world we all live in. The demands of church folks forced me to choose between maintaining an organization or making a difference in the world. I chose the latter.

    Now I am looking for other people stirred by the call to truly penetrate society in a positive, powerful way. I am looking for men and women who have a heart for people, discerning and courageous individuals who recognize the critical window of opportunity that is open right now in wedding ministry. People who share my desire to help couples and families experience more love and happiness in life. What a wonderful legacy to build!

    The Wedding Minister Certification and Training Program prepares you not only for officiating weddings but sensitively ministering to couples and families at a strategically significant milestone moment in their lives.

    We help you understand what they are going through, what they are thinking and feeling – their needs, fears, hopes, anticipations, anxieties – and how this impacts their wedding planning. We help you learn how to connect with them, help them feel heard and understood, and become their personal minister and trusted friend.

    The WM Certification and Training Program also trains you for the practicalities of delivering the wedding day experience of their dreams. This includes

    • learning various wedding traditions, rituals, and ceremonies,
    • understanding the sixty-four basic ceremony types,
    • creating a personalized, non-denominational ceremony,
    • administrative requirements for your state or region,
    • running a rehearsal,
    • basic wedding coordination,
    • working with other wedding professionals,
    • pre-ceremony responsibilities,
    • anticipating and preparing for unpredictables and, of course,
    • ceremony officiating.

    Here is the beauty of it. You earn a higher income because you merit it. Brides gladly pay more for the quality you have been trained to deliver. So you get the best of both worlds – the satisfaction of life-impacting service and more money.


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